Cannula- A Life-Saving Tube

29th December 2021

In today's work, the medical industry has reached high standards with new technological advances each day in the field. Due to the pandemic that the whole globe is facing, there is immense pressure in the medical arena. Many IVs and other facilities are utilized almost every day. Several patients need immediate attention.

IV or Intravenous 

This gives the medical dosage directly into the bloodstream. This causes the medicines to react faster contrasted to the medications taken orally. During the procedure, an IV cannula is utilized. It is a tube that is attached to the trocar needle that directly inserts the veins.


Cannula helps with infusing the essential liquid or taking out blood from the body. It is often called an intravenous cannula which assists during the IV process as the tube extends for 14 to 24 gauge attached to the needle, which is removed as the cannula inserts the vein. Generally, the IV is particularly attached for four to six days, after which if the patient requires extra medical care, they are shifted to a more long-term device.

Nasal cannula

In the medical arena, various kinds of cannulas are used other than in IV. There are cannulas for the nose that help in providing oxygen. It is known as the Nasal cannula. When a patient is facing a shortage of oxygen, a tube is attached to the nose connected to the oxygen tank that helps the patient breathe.

Cardiopulmonary bypass

Other than the nose, in the case of cardiopulmonary bypass, the cannula is attached to the patient. It is essential to deliver oxygen to the entire body for it to function. In CPB operation, the machine acts as a proxy heart and lung to not stop the supply of oxygen. Simultaneously, the cannula is attached to the vena cava to draw blood and play the essential role of delivering the oxygenated blood back.

Applications of the cannula

There are three applications of the cannula.

  • It is used to supply and draw blood in case of critical surgery.
  • Next is to give a dosage of medicine in the process of IV.
  • The last one is to satisfy fluids into the body, which can't orally intake.

Only a trained nurse or doctor can slide a cannula into a patient's body. The patient is expected to lie down in the chair, and then the nurse will follow the proper procedure of attaching it to the vein. Keeping the hands clean is of utmost importance so that no bacteria enters that can result in worsening the condition.

The cannula is inserted only when the doctor advises doing so. It is regulated by doctors and nurses often to check if the right amount of fluid is delivered or not. A small mistake in the regulation of medication can prove to be fatal. Due to the rise in Covid 19, doctors are finding it difficult to keep track of the dosage count infused in the IV. The cannula can be considered a life-saving tube because an essential job is performed by it. In Wuzhou Medical, find the cannulas you need.

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