Get To Know Everything About Injection. That Gives Pains, And Heals In One

08th November 2021

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Almost everybody is scared of injections. The others, which are not, are probably not humans. The sight of the syringe itself gives you chills down the spine. Many people on your side hate taking injections. However, if it is a requirement, then there is nothing you can do about it.

One also feels that Injections are not so bad, but the presumption that it pains makes their pain even more. Do you, too, feel the same? It is true, but still, you do not like taking them, and that's a fact. In the article, you shall have information about your very own Injection. No, do not fear that you shall start accepting it when you know what good it does to you.


Do You Prefer Tablets over Injection


If yes, then you need to read the article even more closely. You shall know why taking injections are better than consuming tablets. Also, you shall come across types of injections. You might have noticed that doctors prefer giving different injections to different body parts. That's because the type of Injection is decided as per the body's need. Hold on to your seat belts; the information you will come across is thrilling and worth reading.


Injection V/S Tablets


Let's see what difference it makes when you consume a tablet and when you take an injection.

  • - The tablet you consume goes into the stomach, dissolves, and goes into the liver before going into the bloodstream. However, the medication injected is directly released into the bloodstream.
  • - The process of healing becomes faster, as the medicine is in the bloodstream directly. Injections act much faster than medicine.
  • - You do not have to remember taking tablets at specific times. One-shot, and you are done.
  • - Even though the effectiveness remains the same, in emergencies, injections are better.
  • - Tablets are easier to gulp and do not pain, but see the brighter side that the Injection brings to you.

So, you are all set to ask for direct Injection from your doctor and not medicines. Let your body begin the work immediately. Do not increase the procedure for your body. Now, let's know the different types of injections that the doctor gives, but you do not know about them.


Types of Injections


There are three main types of injections that are given.  The doctor chooses from these as per the following criteria.

  • - The amount of liquid that is to be injected.
  • - What type of drug is being injected?
  • - Lastly, what the requirement is?

The types of injections are the below.

  • - Intramuscular Injection is given deep into the muscle.
  • - Intravenous, as the name suggests, is given through a vein. You might have noticed that some injections are given on the upper elbow. It belongs to this type.
  • - Subcutaneous Injection is given in the fats between the skin and the muscle. Many doctors prefer giving injections on either side of the buttocks. You know the type now.

Now, you might be recalling that you have had all these types of injections without knowing that they are different strategies adopted, as per the requirement. Now, You can tell your doctor that even you have some knowledge of injections.

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