How Do You Use the Blood Collection Set?

18th February 2022

A blood collection set makes the complicated process of collecting blood easier for phlebotomists. 

During the early days, they used to draw blood from conventional needles and syringes. But now, due to advancements in the medical field, many new devices are developed for collecting blood.

A blood collection set is a modern device that helps you to easily collect blood for conducting tests as well as for blood donation. It comes with various parts, accessories and safety mechanisms by which you can easily collect blood.

It is very different from using a needle and syringe. If you don’t know who to use a blood collection site, follow this guide. We will show you the steps to use it.

Steps to Use a Blood Collection Set:

If you want to use a blood collection set to collect blood, follow these steps. You can use this set for collecting blood samples for the test as well as for blood donation. 

  • Step 1: Open New Blood Collection Set Package

When collecting blood, you need to wear safety gloves and thoroughly clean your hand with a Sanitizer. After that, you need to open a new blood collection set package. Don’t use an old one as it is disposable. It is not safe to reuse the set. 

  • Step 2: Remove Cap from Needle and Rubber Sleeve

Now, you need to check if the set is in perfect condition. After that, you need to remove the safety cap from the needle. Be careful when using a needle. There might be a safety cap on the rubber sleeve, which is on the other end. You need to remove the cap from the sleeve as well.

  • Step 3: Find a Vein

After that, you need to find a vein on the person’s arm. Make sure the vein is thick and clearly visible before you insert the needle. You can use a tie to find the vein.

  • Step 4: Make Incision

Once you find the vein, you need to use an alcohol wipe to clean the area. Wait for the alcohol to dry before using the needle. Once it is dry, you need to hold the wing hub at a vertical angle and easily make the incision with the needle into the vein. 

  • Step 5: Connect Tube or Bag to Rubber Sleeve

Wait for few seconds to see if the blood is passing through the needle. Once you see the blood, connect the rubber sleeve to a tube or blood bag. You can use a connector to connect it. You will be able to see the blood passing through the long tube. 

  • Step 6: Lock Safety in Needle

Once the collection is done, you need to remove the needle. As it is a safety needle, you need to lock the needle and then pull it out. Hold the hub and gently move it away from the needle. Hold the wing hub with one hand. You will be able to hear a click sound that states that the needle is locked.

  • Step 7: Pull the Needle

Now, you can pull the needle out of the vein. The needle will be locked inside the plastic hub and will not cause any damage or injury like a needlestick. You can safely remove the rubber sleeve from the tube and keep it away. Make sure you move the blood gently in the tube.

  • Step 8: Dispose of the Set

Once you are done with blood collection, you need to put all the things in a sharp container and dispose of them properly to avoid contamination. 

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