Is Vacutainer Needle Safe?

05th January 2022

There are many different types of needles used in the medical field for different purposes. It is mostly used for the collection of blood.

Blood collection becomes difficult when multiple samples are needed. If you use a traditional needle, you have to pierce the vein multiple times.

However, there is a special type of needle you can use to draw blood. It is called a vacutainer needle. With this needle, you can easily draw multiple samples of blood in a single attempt.

The best thing is that it comes with a safety feature which makes this needle extremely safe to use. If you want to know more about this needle and its safety feature, follow this guide. 

What Is A Vacutainer Needle?

If you have ever had to give multiple samples of blood, you might be aware of a vacutainer needle. It is a modern type of hypodermic needle which is used mostly in drawing blood.

A Vacutainer needle doesn’t come with a syringe. You don’t have to use any syringe with this type of needle. Instead, you need to use a vacutainer blood collection tube.


This type of needlework uses a vacuum to draw blood from the needle into the tube. It is a small needle that is hollow. This needle is similar to the ordinary hypodermic needle, with only one exception.

There is no gauge in this needle. Instead, there are two points. One end is sharp, and points go inside the vein, and the other end is pointy but with a rubber sheath on it. 

When drawing blood, you need to insert one end into the vein to draw blood and connect the tube to another end. The tube has a vacuum in it, which draws the blood automatically.

You don’t need to push or draw blood from the needle. As soon as you attach the tube to the rubber side of the needle, the tube gets filled with blood.

The best thing about this needle is that you can use it to collect multiple samples of blood. You can easily change the tubes in the same needle to draw more blood. 

The tube comes with a rubber cover on the top, which is pierced by the other end of the needle. This type of needle makes blood collection easier as you don’t have to draw blood again and again. In a single attempt, you can easily draw blood in multiple tubes. 

Is Vacutainer Needle Safe to Use?

Vacutainer needles are mostly used for blood collection. Blood collection tubes are used with these needles to collect blood samples. 

These tubes are typically made of a flexible rubber cover. The end of the needle, which is covered in a rubber sheath, is used to pierce the tube and draw blood using a vacuum.

Both the needle and the tube provide an accurate means for drawing blood. It is safe to use because the blood doesn’t spill when changing the tubes.

These needles are extremely safe to use as it comes with safety feature. There is a needle cover that covers the needle along with the hinge safety lock feature.

When you want to use the needle, you can pull the cover off and use it to draw blood. After that, you can use your thumb and press on the hinge protector to close and lock it over the needle. This way, you can easily use and dispose of it off.

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