What Are Blood Collection Sets?

18th February 2022

In the healthcare industry, venipunctures are carried out on a large scale. It includes drawing blood for testing purposes as well as collecting blood for donation use.

In both cases, you need specific medical devices to make the process easy. You need safety hypodermic needles, syringes, tubes, and many other things.

However, instead of purchasing different products, you can simply invest in a blood collection set. As the name goes, it is a complete set of devices that helps you in collecting blood. If you want to know about blood collection sets, follow this guide.

What Is A Blood Collection Set?

One of the first questions that people usually ask when they are asked to do a blood test is what a blood collection set is? 

Well, a blood collection set is a set of devices that helps you to draw blood from a person’s body with ease. Instead of simply using plastic syringes and needles, a complete set is used. 

It helps you to easily draw blood. A blood collection set consist of a needle that is inserted into the vein. Apart from that, it comes with a butterfly hub, long tube and rubber sleeve on the other side.  

Having blood collection set in place is not limited to health care facilities only but can also be used by other professional medical facilities. 

The whole concept of a blood collection set comes from how blood collection is actually done on patients who are admitted to hospitals. These sets come in handy when collecting blood for donation purposes as well. Once the blood is collected, it is then processed and sent to the blood bank. The blood bank is where it will undergo special processes for storage and transportation to the various medical facilities. 

There are a lot of reasons why one would be interested in a blood collection set. It helps to draw blood easily without much pain. The blood will be collected quickly. It prevents issues like spilling blood out of the needle end.

These sets are completely safe. One thing to keep in mind is that these blood collection sets are used for a voluntary donations. 

Another good thing about this blood collection set is that there is a minimal amount of blood loss during the collection process. There are special containers that are used to collect the blood, and they are known as vials. 

Accessories Included in Blood Collection Set:

Now that you know what a blood collection set is let’s see what it includes. You will mostly find these sets in hospitals where people are donating blood.

  • Needle: This is the main part of the set. There is a 21G size needle which is pierced in the vein to draw blood. This needle comes with a safety cover. 
  • Wing Hub: Connected to the needle is a wing hub that helps you to easily insert the needle. 
  • Tube: Then, there is a narrow and long tube connected to the wing hub. The blood drawn through the needle passes through this tube.
  • Luer Connector: On the other end of the tube is a Luer connector. It helps to connect the end of the tube to the rubber sleeve.
  • Rubber Sleeve:  The rubber sleeve is inserted inside a tube, vial or blood bag for collecting blood. The blood enters through the needle, passes through the tube and comes out of the rubber sleeve. 

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