What Are Infusion Sets Used For?

17th February 2022

You might have seen people in the hospital IV connected to their bodies. Well, the tubes and the needle in their vein is nothing but an infusion set.

These sets are mostly used in hospitals to deliver medicine to the person intravenously. It is also used to inject insulin into the body via from insulin pump. 

The infusion set consists of tubing, controller, filter, access port, drip chamber, spike, Luer connector and an injection port.

These are the components of an infusion set. If you want to know more about an infusion set and what it is used for, follow this guide. 

What Is An Infusion Set?

An infusion set consists of a plastic tube that enters the arm or vein and a collection bag that holds the fluids, which is then pumped into the patient through this tubing. 

As the name goes, it is a set of medical devices which helps you to infuse different fluids and medicines into your body. The best example is IV. When you are admitted to the hospital, fluids are given to you in the form of an IV.

The tube connects one end to the IV bag and the other end to the person's body. The tube containing the fluid is placed under the patient's skin, where it is absorbed by the body over a period of time. 

An infusion set usually requires no prescription. Another benefit of an infusion set, aside from its convenience and affordability, is that these units have been shown to improve healing rates in clinical trials conducted on animals and patients.

An infusion set can be used in a number of ways, including what is called an "insulin pump." An insulin pump is used to deliver medication directly into the body, filling a similar role as an injection. 

These pumps are inserted under the skin, where they remain for a short period of time (usually less than 5 minutes) to administer the medication. 

One advantage of an intravenous insulin pump is that the medication is administered more quickly, which may reduce the need for repetition of administration. 

What Are Infusion Sets Used For?

Infusion sets are a versatile item, and there are many ways that they can be used. It is used for blood transfusion, administering medicines and fluids in a person's body, connecting insulin pumps and injecting insulin in your body. Here are some of the uses of infusion sets.

  • Deliver Medicines: These sets are used to push various medicines in a person's body. Most of the time, patients cannot orally consume medicines. In this case, it is given via infusion sets. You can connect it to the bag and the other end to the person's arm. This is how it works to deliver medicine.
  • Inject Fluids: You can also use it for injecting fluids into a person's body. If a person is unconscious, you can use an infusion set to provide them fluids. 
  • Deliver Insulin: It also helps you to deliver insulin. If you cannot take insulin via injection, you can connect your insulin pump with an infusion set. It will help you to inject insulin into your abdomen. 
  • Blood Transfusion: Infusion sets also help during a blood transfusion. The set is connected to the blood bag, and a needle is inserted into the person's vein to complete the blood transfusion process. 

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