What Is A Conventional Syringe?

02th March 2022

The use of a syringe dates back to ancient times when it was necessary to draw blood from the body. 

In the medical field, the syringe is equally important as a hypodermic needle. In order to use a needle, you need to connect it to a syringe. It is used for drawing blood, giving intramuscular medicine, vaccine and many other things. 

There are different types of syringes available in the market. Out of all the types, conventional syringes are the most common ones.

Even though most hospitals today use modern syringes, there is still a lot of usage for the conventional type syringes. They are still used extensively by many people.

If you want to know more about conventional syringes, follow this guide. 

What Is A Conventional Syringe?

A conventional syringe is an instrument designed to suction bodily fluid for medical purposes. It is a pump that comes with a plunger. The plunger is inside a transparent barrel. On the top, there is a needle adapter where the needle is connected to a syringe.

When you pull the plunger back, it uses suction force and is taken in liquids. You have to immerse the tip of the syringe into the liquid and use the plunger.

Once the liquid is inside the barrel, you can push the plunger down to remove the liquid from the needle end. This is how it is used in the medical field to inject medicines and draw blood. 

A syringe comes in many different sizes and designs. The conventional syringe comes in plastic material. It is the most common type of syringe doctors use. 

The most common use for a conventional syringe is the administration of pharmaceuticals, although it can also be used for many other applications. 

Some examples of pharmaceuticals that may require a syringe are medications intended to treat such as allergies, diabetes, joint pain, as well as antibiotics treatment.

This type of syringe comes with or without needles. If there are no needles attached, you need to separately buy conventional needles to use with them. 

It comes with a clean barrel and plunger inside. Apart from that, there is a bold scale on the syringe, which helps you to measure the liquid inside the barrel.

Convectional syringes come in disposable form. It means you can use the syringe only once. After that, you need to properly dispose of it. The syringes are available in three different tip designs, i.e. Luer slip, Luer-Lok, eccentric Luer slip. 

You need to attach a needle to the tip in order to use conventional syringes for medical use. 

Features of a Conventional Syringe:

Here are some of the features of conventional syringes. You can use these types of syringes for various purposes like medical use, cooking, ink refill, feeding baby animals, etc.

  • Clear Barrels: The main feature of this type of syringe is that it has a clear barrel. The barrel is transparent and clear so that you can check the inside level.
  • Bold Scale Markings: Another feature is markings. There are bold scale markings on the syringe, which helps you to easily inject the correct dosage of medicine. 
  • Smooth Plunger: The plunger is extremely smooth. You can easily pull and push it to draw and inject the liquid. 
  • Disposable: It is available in disposable form as these syringes are made of plastic. 
  • With/ Without Needles: It comes with or without needles. You can purchase conventional syringes with needles and without needles as well.

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