What Is A Hypodermic Safety Needle?

28th March 2022

Needles are widely used in the medical field!

The injection, syringes as well as IV everything is administered with the help of a needle. It is different from an ordinary needle as it is hollow.

The hole between the needles helps doctors and nurses to inject medicines into a person's body. The tip of the needle is very sharp as it is used for piercing the skin.

However, when it comes to needles, safety is very important. If you are not careful while handling it, it will lead to needle stick injury. 

Because of this reason, most doctors have started using safe needles. If you want to know more about safety needles, follow this guide. 

What Is A Hypodermic Needle?

Before we learn about safety needles, let's see what exactly a hypodermic needle is. 

A hypodermic needle, also one of the categories of medical instruments that enter the skin, is actually a short, hollow needle with one pointed tip. 

It's most commonly used in an injection or a hand-held instrument with a plunger; to inject medicines into the body. You can either use it to extract fluids from the body or inject substances into the skin for treatment. 

These needles also help release the substances that are being injected into the body through it; this is why the needle's tip should be such that it can't puncture through the skin.

You can buy needles in different sizes, which you can use according to your needs and the situation. However, if you want to ensure accuracy and safety, go for the hypodermic needle that comes with safety.

What Is A Hypodermic Safety Needle?

Now that you know what a hypodermic needle is, let's learn about hypodermic safety needles. In simple words, it is an ordinary hypodermic needle with an additional safety mechanism.

A safety needle is a sterile medical needle with a built-in safety device to minimize the likelihood of needle sticking to health care workers and others involved in the medical field. 

The safety device in the needle can either be permanently attached or removable. You can choose any type of safety needle as per your requirement. 

It comes with a needle cap which can be removed while using the needle. You can remove and insert the cap on the needle to avoid injuries from the sharp tip. 

Apart from the cap, these needles come with a safety protector. This protector is attached to the needle. You cannot remove it permanently. 

However, you can lock and unlock this protector. It means you can move the safety protector away when using the needle and then lock it back on the needle with one hand to cover the needle. 

The safety protector is transparent so that you can easily see the needle through it. When you lock the protector on the needle, you will hear a click sound. It means that safety is activated on the needle. 

The safety mechanism prevents injury to health care workers when the needles are inadvertently inserted into a patient. These needles come in different sizes and shapes for different applications. 

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