What Is The Most Common Blood Collection System?

18th February 2022

There are many different reasons why blood collection is done. It is done to get a blood sample for diagnostic purposes. 

It is also done to check the components in the blood. You also need to get a blood test done before major surgeries. Blood collections are also done for blood transfusion and donation.

In order to collect blood, phlebotomists use various methods and systems. Some methods are old and outdated, whereas others are simple and easy.

If you want to know about blood collection methods, follow this guide. Here, we will discuss the most common blood collection system. 

Blood Collection System/ Venipuncture:

Venipuncture refers to the process of drawing blood from the body in order to analyze the contents of the blood. This useful skill is critical for many different medical treatments, procedures, and exams. 

In a medical environment, however, it's particularly vital that healthcare practitioners learn how to draw accurate and reliable blood from patients and the appropriate techniques for drawing blood.

There are several kinds of venepuncture systems and methods phlebotomists use, i.e. traditional venipuncture involves a thin, flexible tube, similar to a fine needle, that is inserted into a specific site on the upper limb. The tube is then directed toward small vials or bags. 

More modern venipuncture involves vacuum needles and blood collections sets. This technique is less invasive than traditional venipuncture, as it does not require physically drawing the blood.

Most Common Blood Collection System:

Here are the three most common blood collection systems. All these methods are used to collect blood from veins.

  • With Needle and Syringe:

Needle and syringe are the two medical devices that are used for blood collection. The process is done by drawing out the blood from a patient's body through the use of a needle and syringe. The blood drawn will then be tested for various blood-borne diseases. Needle and syringe have also been known to be effective for some cosmetic treatments. But unlike other similar medical procedures, this one requires the use of anaesthetics during operation. Blood collection using needles and syringes has gained a lot of popularity over the years because it is relatively painless. 

  • With Vacutainer Needle and Tube:

Vacuum blood collection using a vacutainer needle and tube is the most common method used in blood banks all over the world. This simple and easy technique is capable of drawing out any amount of blood. There's no fuss and no mess to clean up afterwards. Blood collection using a vacuum is a non-invasive procedure, as the entire process involves very little equipment or training for the patient or healthcare professional handling the instrument. All you need to do is insert the needle in the vein and attach the vacuum tube to the rubber covering side of the other needle. It will automatically pull blood. You can use it for multiple sample collections.

  • With Blood Collection Set:

Blood Collection by using a blood collection set is a new concept that is used for collecting blood for blood transfusion as well as test purposes. Basically, the set consists of a needle that is attached to a tube. You need to insert the needle in the vein and keep the rubber sleeve into the blood bag or tube for the collection of blood.

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